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22 Alternative Songs That Will Get You Through This Week

Did you hear the news? Going to concerts is scientifically proven to make you live longer. At least, according to one recent study, which found that taking in 20 minutes of live music every two weeks could improve one’s happiness by 20%.  

At Global Citizen, we believe in the power of music to drive change not only through increased mental and physical wellbeing, but also as a tool in the fight to eliminate global poverty. That’s why each year we’ve convened 60,000 Global Citizens in Central Park to call for an end to global poverty — bringing together artists and performers across genres, genders, and nationalities in the process.

Take Action, Win Rewards

Along the way, we’ve seen everyone from Rihanna to the Foo Fighters on the Global Citizen stage. 

In 2018, Global Citizen will be revisiting half a decade of festivals with curated Spotify playlists. Our first playlist, GC Alt Jams, highlights some of the phenomenal alternative artists that have worked with Global Citizen. 

Take a listen, and take action! You could win free tickets to a concert of your choosing and, after all, it’s good for your health.