Syria's children have suffered enough.  This violence must end. Sign this petition now to protect all children in war: 

An image of a young boy, covered in dust and blood, who was nearly killed by the violence in Syria, captured the world’s attention and brought a spotlight back to the Syrian refugee crisis.

In a video taken on his way to the hospital where he was treated, 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh sat perfectly still in an orange chair with his matted hair covered in dust from the building that collapsed moments after he was rescued. Blood runs down his face and his eyes are weary, surrounded by chaos and violence.

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He was rescued in Qaterji, a rebel-held neighborhood in Aleppo. The boy was brought to a hospital known as “M10” in Aleppo. It was there that a doctor was able to identify him as Omran Daqneesh. His three siblings and parents were also rescued from the building.

His image quickly went viral as news outlets posted a video taken at the scene.

“Omran was scared and dazed at the same time. He wasn’t crying at all. It seemed like he had been asleep when it happened,” Mohammad, a surgeon in Aleppo who treated Omran, told ABC News.

“He was very lucky. He only had a simple wound in the scalp. We cleaned and stitched the wound and cleaned his face and clothes. There was no brain damage and he was discharged after two hours,” the doctor said.

United Nations special envoy for Syria has continuously called for meetings for peace talks for Syria. Just days before World Humanitarian Day on Aug. 19, the organization is getting fed up with the increasing difficulty and obstacles they face to to bring humanitarian aid to cities like Aleppo.

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U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura ended a meeting early after saying there is “no sense” holding these meetings with the challenges to deliver aid the U.N. special envoy in Syria faces.

It’s hard to know how to feel after seeing an image as heart-wrenching as a child who is going through violent disaster. But one can hope that with this image, more people will realize and take action to end the ongoing violence in Syria, helping ensure boys and girls in conflict zones are all safely getting the education and basic rights that they so desperately need.

The increasing difficulty for humanitarian aid to reach Syria, and sporadic action to end violence from global leaders, has not been enough to reach those who need aid the most.

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Images like that of Alan Kurdi and now Omran Daqneesh will tragically continue to flood media if action is not taken.

As doctors working on the ground in Aleppo have said, “we don’t need your sympathy, we need action.”

Syria's children have suffered enough.  This violence must end. Sign this petition now to protect all children in war: 


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Wounded Syrian Boy Is Brutal Reminder of the Refugee Crisis

By Meghan Werft