Ukraine is in crisis and the global community is witnessing the country and its citizens fall further into an emergency situation. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in February, the conflict has led to the loss of hundreds of civilian lives, and has resulted in the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. 

Over the last few weeks, the world has rallied together to condemn the ongoing violence, and to call for the safety of all citizens involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While the global voice has been strong, it’s the voices of people on the front lines that are key to understanding the scale of need in Ukraine. These voices have joined Global Citizen in calling for immediate support for the people most impacted in this situation.

Now is the time to ensure that the needs of refugees from Ukraine — and around the world — are listened to and met. 

That’s why Global Citizen is supporting the “Stand Up for Ukraine” pledging event, which will take place on Saturday, April 9. The event is an opportunity for global leaders, institutions, and corporations to provide significant funding in aid for vulnerable people impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, as well as refugees in need globally.

In the lead up to the summit, Global Citizen is also supporting a social media rally, which you can be part of on Friday, April 8. The rally is a direct response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call for the international community to help.

Today, Global Citizen is sharing messages from citizens and advocates who have seen the impact of the refugee crisis firsthand, as part of a global appeal for much-needed funding. Join us in helping to amplify the voices below. 

Max Rantz-McDonald

“[I'm] calling for Michael Martin and the Irish government to do more. It’s freezing conditions here, you can see women and children coming through the whole time, and Ireland needs to do so much more.” 

Victoria Berestova

“Not only have I seen the situation with my own eyes, but my friends and family who are fleeing Ukraine have experienced it on their own. The fact is that the refugees require more food, water, housing, medical supplies, and many more.” 

Ola Gatgiewicz

“I’m using my voice to encourage and call on all the world leaders to do their part and stand up for Ukraine.”


“I’ve seen firsthand the consequences this terrible war has [had] on people — on millions of people.”


“Unfortunately, this crisis is getting worse. Those people who are leaving their homes and their loved ones need more help.” 

Branno Kent

“The demand for needs is greater than ever as hundreds of thousands of women and children have had to leave their husbands, sons, fathers behind and seek refuge in Poland. The need for water, food, shelter is growing daily.” 

Raul Aragao 

“I’ve had the chance to understand and check how bad the situation is for the Ukrainians, and I want to please ask world leaders to stand up for Ukraine.” 


“I've seen how bad the situation is — the repercussions of war on Ukraine and for the people of Ukraine that are coming into Poland — they need food … [help with] shelter, etc. so I’m calling on all our world leaders to lend a helping hand.”


“I’m seeing a lot of refugees in Warsaw stations, and the Warsaw refugee camps here, and knowing how much more help they need ... is just really hard — it’s really hard on them — the way they are struggling at this time.” 

Harry McNulty

“I have terrible heart-breaking footage of fathers leaving their kids at the border. It’s devastating… it takes more than just a group of people heading out on their own. It takes big political powers to step up and to help out as much as they can.”

Mike Savas

"I was recently in Warsaw and saw with my own eyes how much support and service is still needed. Food, water, shelter, money, and I want to spread that message and let those who have not stood up yet, to stand up and do more."

Kathy Savas

"The situation in Ukraine is urgent, I’d like to encourage world leaders to please step in and take action."

Phillip Akhzar

"I’m calling all world leaders to lend a helping hand, not go to war, but lend a helping hand to the people of Ukraine… I’ve done what I can to support them, and I just want to voice this video to at least voice where I stand." 

Amy Rose 

"President Biden, you campaigned for the soul of our nation. Now we’re asking you to campaign for the soul of our world. The people of Ukraine are suffering horrifically, and yes, we’ve given big, but we need to give bigger."

Andrea Soccorso

"I stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their freedom, for their lives, and for peace and democracy. I stand with the front lines and with the women and children who so often bear the worst impacts of war."

Anindita Ghoshal

"I stand with Ukraine and refugees all around the globe. I believe this crisis is a humanitarian crisis, being a Global Citizen we must stand together, we must support each other so that every refugee gets a better life." 

Sandrina da Cruz

"The humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion and eight years of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, is coming at a time when aid organizations are already struggling and underfunded… refugees have a right to humanitarian aid and they deserve to be safe, and they deserve to be treated with dignity." 

Mukhtiar Ali Burfat

"Today I post this video for help and support in Ukraine. I appeal to those around the world, please stand up for Ukraine."

Abdulmuminu Mahmoud

"Millions of people are affected by this crisis, and they don’t have shelter, and food. They need your help. I’m raising my voice to stand up for Ukraine, and I want you to stand up for Ukraine because people’s lives matter." 


"I’m indeed truly praying for peace for everybody, everywhere. It’s a horrific situation going on… it’s heartbreaking especially when you consider the bonds and family that people share together. My heart goes out to Ukraine and for all those stuck in the middle." 

Sandra Eagle

"I stand with Ukraine. I pray for Ukraine. Just as COVID anywhere is COVID everywhere, the allowing of atrocities anywhere is the legitimizing of atrocities everywhere. I ask our leaders to do everything they can to support the liberation of Ukraine… war doesn’t solve problems, it creates tremendous suffering."

Some quotes were lightly edited for clarity and some full names have not been included.


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