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This Olympic themed ad beautifully captures the strength of mothers

If you think Olympic athletes are strong, think about the mothers who raised them.

This ad  from P&G perfectly captures the power of moms. Their strength in instilling courage and empowering children to grow into brave adults ready to take on the world blends into an Olympic narrative everyone can cheer. 

It feels like the world has been a little deprived of quality ads since the Super Bowl in the US but with the 2016 Olympics beginning in just thirteen weeks (countdown clock here if want to be more exact) you can expect ads to up their game in quality and be more globally inclusive.

This P&G ad touches on all the things mothers teach their children around the world. And it does it with all the feels.

While some of the people in our officer were not sure what was going on for the first 20 seconds (kind of seems like a home insurance ad) at about 0:23 you begin to feel the message that mothers carry us through the storm both figuratively and literally.

Mothers in the ad remain so calm, cool and collected throughout the most trying times of childhood -- bullying, cat-calling and sexual harassment, natural disasters. Moms have our back.

As a child, the world can feel like a scary and intimidating place. Everything surrounding you is unknown. From the beginning of life, children look to mothers to tell them it’s okay, everything will be alright. It’s this reassurance which is such a big part of the reason children around the world are able to grow up, overcome fears and go from unsure to believing they can do anything and accomplish the impossible.

So thank you to all mothers for stopping the bullies, supporting education, glaring at, and speaking out against, the guys not on board with #HeForShe, picking up the phone when things are just too much and being there with a hug when everything goes right.

Now where can I get more tissues? Damn you P&G for all the emotions.

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