The devastating Ebola epidemic in West Africa is a wake-up call. If the worst affected countries had stronger health systems, the disease would have been stopped in its tracks. Better healthcare around the world would also help end the injustice of 17,000 children dying every day from illnesses we know how to cure and prevent.

This year we can start to put this right. The prize is a world where no child dies of preventable causes by 2030. Will you join us and take action today?

What you can do?

Later this year world leaders are meeting to agree new global development priorities. It's critical they focus on strengthening healthcare systems in the poorest countries.

Britain can play a leading role in convincing them to do that. Join us in urging the Prime Minister to push for an ambitious set of goals that ensure every child wherever they are has access to life-saving healthcare.

Ebola: a wake up call.

In the countries worst affected by the Ebola epidemic - Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea - hundreds of children have died in agony or been orphaned. The outbreak has also decimated already fragile healthcare systems killing doctors and nurses in countries with precious little of either.

Worryingly, our new report shows 28 countries around the world are highly vulnerable to an Ebola-style epidemic because of weak health systems.

Healthcare for all.

Effective healthcare systems can stop these diseases from spreading. They are also cost effective. The international Ebola relief effort in West Africa has cost £2.8 billion whereas strengthening the health systems of those countries in the first place would have cost £1.05 billion. 

Stronger health systems in poorer countries would also help end the continuing injustice of children dying from illnesses like pneumonia and malaria which can be cured or prevented. We know it can be done. The world has halved the number of preventable child deaths since 1990. Healthcare for every child will help us get to zero.

If the right decisions are made this year by 2030 no child will be born to die.

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