When Donald Trump called for Muslims travellers to be banned from entering the US, people across Britain decided HE was not welcome in their country.

In a powerful display of grassroots politics, a petition to ban the US Republican Presidential candidate from stepping on British soil went viral and gathered over a half a million signatures.

Banning the frontrunner in the Republican party’s election primary may seem like a futile demand, but if a petition reaches 100,00 signatures, it must be officially debated in Parliament. And so this week, MPs representing the British public officially discussed a “Trump Ban.”

Here's The UK's Parliamentary Roast Of Donald Trump

Watch as members of the UK's House of Commons zing Donald J. Trump, one after another, as they debate whether he should be banned from the country.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Monday, 18 January 2016

The result has been turned into a mash up video of the funniest quotes from the debate. With quotes like “Britain is pretty good at roasting beef, don’t you think it’s better that we roast Trump?”, the discussion is quintessentially British in the way it appears to take Trump very seriously, and not very seriously at all.

While the debate did not aim to reach a binding conclusion, the fact that it happened is a powerful testament to democracy. However you feel about Donald Trump, the debate was an opportunity to defend the values at stake in Britain, the USA and beyond - freedom of speech, tolerance, and the best ways to respond to extremism of all kinds.

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Demand Equity

A very British response to Donald Trump

By Yosola Olorunshola