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A journey into the tax dodging dome

START THE FANS PLEASE! You remember the Crystal Maze right? No? Nevermind.

Well for those of you who do, a childhood dream of mine was fulfilled this week as I got to take part in my very own money grab in the crystal maze dome. Sadly it wasn’t for real money, rather fake money designed by the Tax Dodging Bill Campaign.

Ed, George, and Danny head off to work!

On Tuesday the Tax Dodging Bill Campaign held a protest outside Parliament that saw fake versions of George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls all competing to grab our very own tax dodging bill money in the Tax Dodging dome. 

True to the style of the crystal maze, electric fans blew around the fake money as the eager could-be Chancellors tried to grab what they could to stuff into their briefcases.

Tax dodging is a real issue that has consequences for us all. Just as the money slipped through their fingers, every year the UK loses billions of pounds to corporate tax avoidance, while developing countries lose an estimated $160 billion a year. Big corporations are taking advantage of an unfair system that allows them to dodge paying their fair share, benefitting themselves at the expense of the rest of society.

This is a problem that has a solution- we want the new Government elected in May to introduce a tax dodging bill within the first 100 days of Government. A tax dodging bill could raise at least £3.6bn in the UK and billions more in developing countries- money that could be used to tackle poverty here and abroad.

Sign the petition below to tell the political leaders that corporate tax dodging is an issue that matters to you.