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Girls & Women

A dude wears yoga pants and it says something important about gender equity

Let’s play a quick game:

When I say “yoga pants,” how does that phrase make you feel?

For some, it might mean heading to the gym. But I know many of my (straight) male friends really like it when they see an attractive woman wearing them (in, or out of the studio).

The question then becomes, what happens next? When does a man’s attention become invasive? We know it’s wrong to catcall but is it impolite to stare?

My friends are (generally) good guys. None of them purposefully want to make a woman feel uncomfortable and are often very concerned with how their actions are perceived.

The video above is a lighthearted exploration of how guys react after finding out the girl’s backside they were just oogling is actually a man’s.

As a society, we seem to equate femininity with weakness. When a guy catcalls a girl, he thinks he can get away with it because he perceives women as weak. He also usually thinks he won’t get called out.

The guys in the video are put in the position of needing to justify their creepy behavior to someone who won’t back down. They get defensive, they get uncomfortable, and they get VERY concerned with asserting the fact that they’re heterosexual. Presumably because homosexual = feminine = weak = bad. Ugh.

I think that equation gets to the heart of the issue. As long as we, as a society, can look at femininity as being somehow inferior to masculinity, we’ll never fully achieve gender equality.

So, take a look at the video and let me know what you think in the discussion. And while you’re thinking, sign the petition on the side of this piece to support the rights of women. Because I’m sure if you get the point this video is making, you want to find an outlet to support women’s rights and equality.