By Synclaire Warren

This year, Global Citizen is calling on everyone — from individuals to the private sector to governments and world leaders — to take climate action and focus immediately on defending our planet. 

We’re urging companies to create a dedicated plan for reaching net-zero emissions and to invest in nature-based solutions, all of which is essential for food systems to flourish, for the most marginalized communities to thrive, and for extreme poverty to end once and for all.

Global Citizen’s partner P&G is committed to climate action. 

During Global Citizen Live in September 2021, P&G joined the United Nations-led Race to Zero campaign, announcing its ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its operations and supply chain, from raw material to retailer, by 2040. 

P&G has created a Climate Transition Action Plan that outlines the breadth, depth, scale, and collaboration of its plans to achieve these goals.​ And for the second year in a row, the company is continuing the It’s Our Home campaign — using its voice, reach, innovation, and expertise to inspire small changes at home among consumers, showing that no action is too small to make a difference for the environment.

For example, Tide, one of P&G’s brands, is encouraging consumers to use cold water while doing laundry, highlighting that 90% of the energy used in one load of laundry comes from heating water to do it. Another P&G brand, Charmin, has made a commitment to reforestation by re-growing two trees for every one it uses for its products, emphasizing the importance of protecting both forests and the biodiversity among them. P&G and Charmin are supporting the planting of 1 million trees through the Arbor Day Foundation between 2020 and 2025.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, 30% of the world’s land area is covered by forests, but they’re disappearing at a rapid rate. Since 1990, approximately 1 billion acres of forest has been lost. Trees are an essential part of combating climate change because they absorb the carbon dioxide that humans exhale and they heat-trap greenhouse gases that people’s activities create, like flying or driving.

P&G and Global Citizen are working together to give people the power to help protect the planet, showing that making our everyday actions more sustainable can add up to make a big difference for the environment.

Learn more about our partnership with P&G here.


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P&G Continues Its Commitment to Climate Action With ‘It’s Our Home’ Campaign