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An Online Platform Is Connecting Passionate South Africans With Charitable Causes

Why Global Citizens Should Care
If we’re going to end extreme poverty by 2030, the world needs passionate people who stand up for what they believe in. Global Citizens around the world have already done so much, but there’s still a lot more work to do by 2030. You can join us by taking action here to support the UN’s Global Goals to end extreme poverty. 

ForGood is an online platform that connects passionate people with the organisations that need their support.

The platform is basically online dating, but for donors and those in need of donations. It’s a “social marketplace” where skills, goods, services, and information can easily be offered and asked for.

“We are about matchmaking — for good,” says ForGood on its website.

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It’s all the brainchild of Soul City founder and current CEO of multimedia NGO Heartlines, Dr. Garth Japhet and his sister, according to news site the Daily Maverick.

Initially, their mission was to create 100,000 social citizens — all using the platform to help create positive changes in their communities.

“We aim to make doing good easy, fun, and free,” they said, adding that they believe a single person can change their community and the world for good by using their site.

“People can use ForGood to interact with NGOs, charities, and other needy organisations to offer their goods or services donations,” the founders said.

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While ForGood doesn’t currently have a service for people to donate money to a cause, it asks people who want to make financial donation to an organisation to contact that organisation directly — by clicking “connect” on their Cause Profile Page to make arrangements.

The teams said people who want to make a difference should no longer be confused about where they can go to offer their help.

“By connecting online at ForGood, you can find ways to make a difference in your area and in line with your interests,” according to the organisation’s website.

“You can take the action offline and see your real-world impact (by visiting that organisation),” it added.

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And if you’re someone who has a cause that needs support, the platform is available for free so you can help make people aware of your campaign aim.

The aim of the whole organisation is to create meaningful and impactful connections between people and causes all over the world.

Among the organisations already using the platform is NOEXCUSE — a movement aimed at raising awareness, provoking action, and providing tools for men and women to take positive action as a means of driving a change.

Using the platform, the movement has been able to raise support and spread awareness about their campaigns.  

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Meanwhile another organisation, the Soul City Institute for Social Justice, is calling for people to donate 500 tablets to help young women to communicate their social needs to the government. And an organisation called Doodle Your Future is calling for stationary to help support its work with children.

You can find out more about ForGood here.  

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