The time has come for the world to rally together in a united effort to combat climate change.  The COP26 Climate Conference kicked off in Glasgow on Nov. 1, and with it have come crucial discussions regarding what urgent actions need to be taken to tackle the climate crisis head-on. 

The climate crisis is at code red, meaning the world is warming at an alarming rate and the environment needs immediate protection now more than ever. COP26 has been hailed as the last best chance to effectively take action against climate change, and as such, all eyes are on Glasgow and the world and business leaders gathered there. 

While leaders deliberate on the actions they’ll take to defend the planet, it’s easy to feel helpless as an everyday citizen without the authority to make policy changes on a global scale. 

But as climate change affects everyone, everywhere, all people around the globe should have the opportunity to have their voices heard. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, your voice matters; it will take each and every one of us to reverse the impacts of climate change. 

In fact, you can help define what world leaders prioritize during their COP26 decision-making discussions. There are many ways that you, as a Global Citizen, can raise your voice to stand up against climate change. 

Here are a few ways you can join the movement and take action with us now and throughout the conference to help demand world leaders put the planet first. 

1. Learn More About the Conference

COP26 has been a long time coming, and it might be overwhelming to jump into taking action without a general understanding of why the conference is the world’s last best chance to rally together against the climate crisis. Being informed and staying up to date on the conference are a great first step in taking action against climate change. You can also read here more about the commitments we need to see coming out of COP26, and why they're so important. 

Take this quiz to inform yourself on what the conference is, what it aims to do, and why it’s a defining moment in the fight to protect the planet. 

Take action with us here to take the quiz. 

2. Share Your Story With World Leaders

Speaking up as one voice united in a call to action is a powerful move that has led to incredible change throughout history. Climate change is no different, and you can be part of a united call to world leaders for immediate transformation towards defending the planet. 

Record a video telling us how climate change is impacting your life or your community, and why you want world leaders to stand up against the climate crisis. We’re collecting the video submissions on this interactive global map, which we’ll share as part of our campaigning at COP26. 

We’re also sharing the map and video submissions direct with world leaders over social media (you can find out how to get involved below), to help show how climate change is already changing lives and why we need urgent action now.  

Take action with us here to submit a video message. 

3. Share the Voices of Other Global Citizens Too

Now that you’ve added your voice to the global conversation, you can also help amplify the voices of you and other Global Citizens around the world and make sure that world leaders get to hear from everyone, everywhere.

We’re asking Global Citizens to send a tweet to world leaders — including from the US, Canada, EU, Germany, and Japan — sharing the interactive video map and the voices of Global Citizens, telling them why they need to take action now. 

Take action with us here to share the voices of Global Citizens with world leaders. 

4. Call on G20 Nations to Protect the Environment

Another great way to raise your voice is through the written word — if you’re not up to sharing a video of yourself, you can get typing and send an email to the leaders of the G20 countries. 

With this email, you can call on them to protect 30% of nature by 2030 — because conserving the world’s ecosystems is crucial to sustaining life on Earth. Experts believe that if we can save 30% of nature within the next nine years, we can reverse the impacts that climate change has had on some of the world’s natural environments. If you don’t have the words to put in this email, we’ve got you covered with a draft you can use. 

Take action with us here to send an email. 

5. Add Your Name to the Petition Calling on the G20 Nations to Step Up

The world is still healing from the impacts of an ongoing global pandemic, and grappling with increasing hunger rates, all amid a growing level of devastation caused by climate change. . 

These issues are all interconnected, and we have to tackle vaccine inequity, global hunger, and the impacts of climate change in tandem to tackle these issues most effectively. 

Speak up by signing a petition that calls on the G20 nations to take action on COVID-19, the climate crisis, and global hunger, and put people and planet first. 

Take action with us here to sign the petition. 

6. Sign a Petition Calling on Business Leaders to Prioritize Climate Action

As well as world leaders, there’s a huge amount for business leaders to do to ramp up the private sector’s efforts against climate change. Currently, only 25% of the fortune 500 companies are effectively taking action in this regard — so all business leaders need a solid reminder to put the planet first. 

Add your name to this petition calling on business leaders to prioritize limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius in line with the Paris agreement.

Take action with us here to sign the petition. 

7. Call on World Leaders to Help Support Low-Income Nations

Climate financing to help vulnerable nations with climate adaptation has consistently fallen short year after year. Some wealthy countries have even questioned the need to financially support low-income nations in the fight against climate change. 

Back in 2009, rich countries committed to dedicate $100 billion a year to support poorer countries with climate adaptation — a target that was meant to be reached by 2020, but is currently not predicted to be reached until 2023. Send a message to the world leaders of wealthy countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and more, telling them why it’s crucial that they step up to boost climate financing for low-income nations. 

Take action with us here to send a message. 

8. Keep Canada Accountable on Its Climate Action Promise

Over 190 countries signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, in agreement with the plan to reduce greenhouse emissions and prevent more than 1.5 degrees of warming. Canada and the US are the only G7 countries that have not reduced their greenhouse gas emissions since 2016 — with Canada having the greatest emissions increase in all the G7. What’s more, is that Canada’s climate finance commitment to support poorer countries is not yet enough.

You can help to keep Canada accountable by tweeting the country’s leaders and calling on them to follow through with the Paris agreement, and to increase climate financing for low-income countries. 

Take action with us here to send a tweet.

9. Call on G20 Nations to Join the Movement to Protect the Planet

While many countries have been stepping up their climate commitments in the run-up to the G20 Summit and COP26, there remain a number of G20 nations that have not yet effectively reduced their carbon emissions despite being some of the biggest polluters in the world. 

Send a tweet to the leaders of Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and India, stressing the importance of taking immediate climate action and reducing emissions within their countries. 

Take action with us here to send a tweet. 


Defend the Planet

9 Actions You Can Take With Us Right Now to Tell World Leaders to Act on Climate Change

By Khanyi Mlaba