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7 places to celebrate July 4th that aren't in the US


The Fourth of July is a beloved holiday by many Americans. For many this national holiday means spending time with family, watching extravagant firework displays or taking part in a hot dog eating contest. But what if you’re one of the 8 million Americans spending the Fourth abroad? Lucky for you there are several places around the world expats, US enthusiasts or just people looking for a red, white and blue themed party can celebrate.

Budapest, Hungary

Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad co-host Fourth of July picnic in Budapest, joining forces to create a cozy afternoon full of barbecue, live music and heated debate.

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flickr/Budapest

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s Independence Day conveniently takes place just a few days after July 4th, on July 9. So why not celebrate both? Enjoy a pepperoni pizza at Punto Pizza and eat it at Parque Tres de Febrero, one of the world’s best picnic spots, on the Fourth. Enjoy local foods like locro and alfajores on July 9, as well as fireworks all over the city.

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flicr/Buenos Aires

London, England

It might seem odd to celebrate America’s independence in the country it fought for independence from, but London is home to a large expat community. Celebrate the Fourth in the home of founding father Ben Franklin with cocktails and cake. There’s also an American Beer Festival.

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flickr/London

Paris, France

Paris is a great place to celebrate the Fourth of July, as it has a large American expat community that bars and restaurants cater to. If you’re feeling nostalgic about the hot dog eating contest, grab some French-inspired hot dogs.

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flickr/Paris

Rebild, Denmark

Rebild really loves America. People have been celebrating the Fourth of July in Rebild National Park since 1912, featuring good music and even better food. Danes and Americans come together with both nation’s flags flying high in celebration of the holiday.

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flickr/Denmark

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is having five parties to celebrate the Fourth. These parties will be full of booze, food, music and fireworks. There will be barbecue, hot dogs and a watermelon-eating contest at the annual Independence Day celebration. "Make America Drink Again" is this year’s slogan in Jing'an bar District.

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flickr/Skyline

Sydney, Australia

Expats living in Sydney annually organize the largest July 4th celebration in the Southern Hemisphere. This party includes drinks, games, food and fireworks.  

7-places-to-celebrate-july-4th-abroadImage: Flickr/Sydney Opera House