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Girls & Women

Join the power of #62MillionGirls

Flickr- Steven Depolo

I'll admit it. When Beyoncé introduced First Lady Michelle Obama on stage Saturday at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival, I freaked out. It was one of those once in a lifetime, so much kickass female power I'm going to explode, YOU GO GIRL, #flawless, moments. 

Beyoncé had just performed a show-stopping set of songs full of girl pride. She aptly closed with "Who Run The World (Girls)" and the clip from her "***Flawless" track that defines what it means to be a feminist. I was already bursting with pride, excitement, and obsession when this happened:

I mean, c'mon! Beyoncé literally skips in excitement over to the First Lady and envelops her in a heartfelt hug. And is it just me or does Beyoncé say "beautiful" to her? I basically fainted. I still get chills rewatching it. As I have several times. 

On stage, US First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about girls' education and her new campaign #62MillionGirls, which you can read all about here. The campaign's name is in honor of the 62 million girls who are unable to attend school each year, and asks people to post a selfie with a sentence describing what they learned in school. It has already gotten a lot of hype. Reading what people say they learned in school, plain and simple, is pretty powerful, and everyone from celebrities to students to politicians have been spreading the word. Check out tweets from Mindy Kaling, the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power and many others: 

From self-confidence to learning how to think critically to finding our favorite books (or not in Colbert's case), school is fundamental in shaping who we are. Everyone deserves this opportunity of self-discovery. Everyone deserves a quality education. 

So take to Twitter and join the cause! Share how important education has been for you!