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6 votes of confidence in democracy over the weekend

What a weekend for democracy!


People in Tanzania, Haiti, Poland, Ivory Coast, Argentina and Guatemala took part in the most essential aspect of democracy: voting.

They stood in long, tiring lines. They steeled themselves against the weather, the threat of violence and the very real possibility that corruption could steal the day. They put faith in their ability to make the world a little better, a little more fair.

Some hopes may be fulfilled, others will be dashed. Progress might be made. Or it might be halted. This will be learned in the months ahead.

Until then, I applaud all of the people taking part as citizens. I applaud the people who cast votes, the people who tallied votes and the politicians who respect the will of the people.

I applaud all of the people who spoke words of encouragement to their fellow citizens, who dreamed of a better tomorrow.

I applaud all of the people who took their rage at their situations and channeled it into a vote instead of violence.

I hope all of these elections lead to better societies where poverty is addressed in the most robust ways possible.

Here’s a look at how the day played out in these 6 countries:






Ivory Coast

Most societies veer toward democracy, however slow and challenged that veer may be. The idea that people are equal and deserve equal say--women and men, people of different races and ethnicities, of different religions and outlooks--is a powerful idea. An idea that falls short just as much as it succeeds.

Democracy was put to the test in diverse countries over the weekend. It could be strengthened or it could be compromised.

But the mere fact that it occurred in such diverse countries is cause for hope. It’s cause to believe that people everywhere prefer peace over conflict and that they’re willing to work together to get there.

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