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6 things you didn’t know about diarrhea

6) The runs are one of the biggest causes of child deaths in developing countries 

We’ve all had diarrhea and lived to tell the tale. 

But, nearly one third of child deaths in developing countries are due to pneumonia and diarrhea. We can’t stop kids from getting diarrhea, but we can ensure that a bad case of the poops isn’t a death sentence. 

5) Vaccines are one of the easiest ways to wipe out child deaths

The evidence is clear: vaccines are one of the most cost-effective investments in health and development in history. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance helps save children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing access to immunization in poor countries. 

4) The world is a lot less ‘crappy’ due to vaccines

Since 2000, Gavi partners, with generous support from donors and strong commitment from countries, have saved 6 million lives and reached an additional 440 million children with vaccines, giving a new generation the chance of a healthy, productive future. 

3) It only costs $2.50 to stop the squirts

Gavi develops long-term supply agreements with manufactures so that they can get the best prices possible on vaccines. Gavi buys the bulk of its rotavirus vaccine doses at US$2.50, a two-third reduction compared to the previous lowest price offered to Gavi of US$7.50.

2) Prevent the poops and you’ll build economies

Vaccines provide a lifetime of protection from deadly diseases, at a low cost. Keeping kids healthy allows them to stay in school, helps families to become more productive, and improves opportunities for girls and women. 

1) It is time to cut the crap. We can be the generation to end unnecessary child deaths!

The Gavi has helped bring global immunization rates to an all-time high. But they need funding to keep up the momentum. Sign our petition today supporting the Gavi.