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5 Must-See Films and Shows For Global Citizens This Week

aziz ansari master of noneImage: Master of None/Youtube

Each week, streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon release a raft of new movies for us to gobble up.

Global Citizen has scoured the landscape of TV, movies, and streaming services to find the best things for you to watch. Check back every week as we present the latest and best offerings for you to enjoy.

1.) The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu

Adapted from the classic 1985 novel by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, this long-awaited series is finally ready for binge-watching! It’s set in a dystopian, totalitarian society in what was formerly the United States and follows the story of a woman who is forced to live as a concubine under a twisted, fundamentalist dictatorship.

2.) The Search For General Tso, Netflix

Across the country, General Tso’s chicken dish can be found on almost any Chinese-American menu. But who exactly was General Tso? That’s what director Ian Cheney tries to find out in this documentary that explores Chinese food in the United States and the many sticky, sweet dishes that Americans have adopted as their own.

3.) Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words, Film Struck

This documentary tells the story of controversial and three-time Academy Award-winning Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman. Director, Stig Bjorkman, paints the picture of her life using personal letters, diary entries, photographs, and footage Bergman shot herself. The film lets people into the life and career of one of America’s greatest female screen legends of classic American cinema.

4.) Master of None, Netflix

Created by comedian Aziz Ansari and write Alan Yang, the second season of this Netflix-original series is now out. It’s loosely based off of Ansari’s real-life experiences, who also stars in the comedy as the lead role, Dev. The show explores aspects of modern-day society and highlights Dev’s struggle to identify himself, depicting the assumptions, stereotypes, and suggestions of Indian-Americanness in a comical way.

5.) Ivory Tower, Tubi TV

Directed and produced by Andrew Rossi, this documentary asks the question: “Is college worth it?” It delves into the world of Ivy leagues, public and private schools and explores other options like education startups in Silicon Valley. The film argues that as student debt passes trillions of dollars and tuition rises, this American institution is now at a breaking point.