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3 of the Best Moments From the ‘Yes’ Campaign for Marriage Equality in Australia

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Since the Australian government announced they would be holding a nationwide postal survey on whether Australian marriage laws should be changed to include same-sex couples, there have been displays of love and support from around the country. And it’s not just coming from the queer community.

1. Marriage equality rally

More than 15,000 people gathered in the city of Melbourne over the weekend at a rally in support of legalising same-sex marriage. Some even estimate there were close to 20,000 that took to the streets. There were banners, placards, flags, rainbows, colourful costumes and a whole lotta love.

The event was organised by Equal Love, an organisation that has been campaigning for marriage equality for over a decade.

Advocates that took to the stage to speak at the rally included comedians and politicians alike. Each of them criticised the government’s $122 million postal survey but urged everyone to vote "yes."

Following the speeches, a mass illegal wedding took place where same sex couples exchanged rings in front of the large crowd.

2. Signs encouraging people to vote ‘yes’

There have also been signs of love and support coming from unexpected places such as retail shops, organisations, cafes, and churches.

in august 2017, the australian government announced they would be holding a postal survey (plebiscite) to decide on what the country thought of marriage equality. in support of the yes ✔️ vote and making sure every opinion is counted we've decided to distribute 5,000 love is love t-shirts featuring artwork by @monika_forsberg for ✨free✨ to spread the word. the t-shirt will be available in limited quantities in every gorman store in australia from tomorrow, friday 25th august. to add a bit more incentive, we are asking each person that would like a free t-shirt to show a screenshot of their verified enrolment details. enrolments close tonight at midnight. head to to check you've enrolled. be on the right side of change 🌈#showusyourgorman #loveislove #voteyes #marriageequality

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3. Enrolments have skyrocketed

To vote in the marriage equality survey Australians must be enrolled in the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Since the postal survey was announced, there has been a surge of 90,000 people enrolling. According to the ABC, the AEC received 765,000 requests from voters to enroll or update their details. This is a significant increase in enrolments that the AEC experienced in the lead up to the last federal election in 2016

The enrollment deadline to vote in the marriage equality survey has now closed. The non-binding voluntary postal survey will begin to be sent out on Sept. 12, and must be received by mail by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) by the Nov. 7 to be counted. Fingers crossed love will win.