The nominations for the 2017 Oscar Awards were announced today and they showcase a diversity of genres, actors, and themes that speak directly to Global Citizens.

Though the musical “La La Land” received a record-setting 14 nominations, lesser-known movies like “Lion,” starring Dev Patel, and “Moonlight,” with Mahershala Ali, tackled a range of global issues from sexual orientation to globalization.  

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Notably, six black actors were nominated this year, in comparison to none in 2015 and 2016. That includes Ruth Negga, nominated best actress for her role in “Loving,” who was born in Ethiopia, raised in Ireland, and portrayed an African-American woman with Native-American ancestry; Viola Davis, nominated for best supporting actress in “Fences,” who was born in Birmingham, Alabama; and Mahershala Ali, nominated for best supporting actor in “Moonlight,” who was raised in Oakland, California ,  by a Christian minister, and converted to the Muslim faith.

From the documentary section, “The White Helmets” and “Watani: My Homeland,” both nominated for documentary (short subject), and “Fire at Sea,” nominated for documentary (feature), confront issues of immigration, citizenship, and refugees.

“Fire at Sea” is an Italian-produced documentary that takes place on the front lines of Europe’s battle over immigration — the island of Lampedusa, Italy. In a similar vein, “The White Helmets” tells the heroic story of Syrian first responders, who have engaged in humanitarian search-and-rescue operations since 2011, saving an estimated 60,000 people in that time. “Watani: My Homeland” zooms in on one family’s struggle to survive the Syrian Civil War. 

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Three documentaries that deal with contentious issues of race in America rounded out the list of documentary nominations. “13th,” “OJ: Made in America,” and “I Am Not Your Negro,” take vastly different approaches to these important themes. 

One of the most inherently global nominations came in the form of “Lion,” which received seven nominations, including best picture. 

"Lion"  tells the story of an Indian boy who becomes separated from his family, is adopted by an Australian couple, and — as a young man — decides to search for his birth parents using Google Earth.

The Oscar winners will be announced on Feb. 26, 2017. Stay tuned as Global Citizen continues to follow the award winners and seek out the themes Global Citizens care most deeply about. 


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By Phineas Rueckert