1. Children are accompanied on their walk to school through Guizhou Province, China
Quirky China News

2. Amish children travel to school in their horse and buggy in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States

Flickr: Alvin Trusty

3. Schoolgirls ride bicycles past cherry blossoms on their way to school in Tokyo, Japan

ThirtyFive Millimeter

4. Uighur children meander to school in Xinjiang Uyghur, China


5. Children arrive at their lakeside school on Lake Titicaca in the Uros Islands, Peru

Flickr: Ladigue_99

6. High school students travel to school by boat in Indonesia

Flickr: World Bank – East Asia & Pacific

7. A Thai father drives his children to school in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Flickr: drburtoni

8. Children trek across a rope bridge to school in El Salvador

Milosz Reterski

9. Children ride on horseback to school in rural Uruguay

Flickr: Vince Algoni

10. Girls avoid sewage on their way to school in Cité Soleil, Haiti

BBC World Service

11. A donkey pulls Palestinian children to school in Gaza

Flickr: IRIN Photos

12. A boy ride his bike to school on a flooded street in Cambodia

Source: Lydia Kopecky

13. Two boys walk to school in the UK

Source: Ivy Dawned

14. Schoolboys cross a river to get to school in the Philippines

Wikipedia Commons

15. Two boys row their way to class in Allapuzla, India

Flickr: Binny VA

16. Young boys hop a ride on a train to school in Bangladesh

Flickr: itinerantobserver

17. A schoolgirl walks through the desert to class in Ghana

Flickr: World Bank Photo Collection

18. Students walk miles to school in rural South Africa

Flickr: World Bank Photo Collection

19. A young schoolgirl is accompanied by a father on her walk to school in Old Havana, Cuba

Pim Horvers

20. Schoolchildren hike through Gholghola Valley to get to class in Afghanistan

Flickr: Hadi Zaher

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20 incredible journeys to school that will make yours look boring

By Ryan Bacci