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17 photos of classrooms that will change the way you think about school

Flickr: Dietmar Temps
We know there are many different ways to learn but they don't all happen in the type of classroom you might be used to. These snapshots show just how different lessons can be from school to school.

1. Qinghai, China

Flickr: Jiji Lee

2. African Heritage classroom, University of Pittsburgh

Flickr: Brian Donovan

3. Perugia, Italy

Flickr: Chris Yunker

4. Bellary, India

Flickr: Josh Chin

5. Seoul, South Korea

Flickr: Hyunwoo Sun

6. Kampala, Uganda

Flickr: World Bank / Arne Hoel

7. Kibera, Kenya

Flickr: SuSanA Secretariat

8. Hunan, China

Flickr: Robert Baxter

9. Bangalore, India

Flickr: lecercle

10. Monmouth University, New Jersey

Flickr: Jazz Guy

11. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Flickr: Frank Douwes

12. Pennsylvania, United States

Flickr: EAWB

13. Jiouru, Taiwan

Flickr: wisefly

14. West Darfur, Sudan

Flickr: UN Photo / Albert Gonzalez Farran

15. Jakarta, Indonesia

Flickr: Charles Wiriawan

16. Lisbon, Portugal

Flickr: Vitor Antunes

17. Chhattisgarh, India

Flickr: GPE / Deepa Srikantaiah

Teachers put a lot of thinking in how to arrange their classroom. The perfect set-up can provide a better learning environment. However, it's clear there are a number of schools in the world have limited resources when providing for their students.

Even worse is the fact that worldwide there are 58 million children out of school without the opportunity to get their gears turning in a classroom.

You can help. 

Join Global Citizen in keeping the momentum going. We’re calling on the Korean Foreign Ministry of Affairs to continue Korea's  support for education by increasing their commitment  through the Global Partnership for Education.