This year, brave women from around the world confronted sexual violence and harassment by declaring #MeToo.

The transformative movement spread through social media and exposed the injustices that women continue to face at the hands of malicious men.

All year long, Global Citizen captured the movement by celebrating the women — and their allies — who stood up to discrimination and oppression.

Take Action: Urge Leaders to Step Up for Women’s Rights and Health

We also showcased a few other inspiring stories, like the Pope’s Lamborghini fundraiser and the A-List couple ensuring refugees kids can get an education, that uplifted us in 2017. Here are Global Citizen’s top 17 Instagram posts from the 2017.

1/ Ellen Applauds Women With the Courage to Say #MeToo  

2/ This Lamborghini ‘Popemobile’ Will Raise Thousands for Charity

3/ "If you are too drunk to be able to consent, it is not consent." – @vp44 Joe Biden

4/ The North Koreans Are People Too

5/ The Obama-Trudeau Dinner Party That Broke the Internet

6/ This Champion Was the First American Woman to Win the NYC Marathon in 40 Years

7/ Spoken Like True Royalty

Spoken like true royalty, @meghanmarkle! 👑 #womenandgirls #royalwedding #meghanmarkle @chimeforchange

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8/ The French President Filled Half of His Cabinet With Women

9/ The #MeToo Movement’s Silence Breakers Earn Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

10/ NYC’s Fearless Girl Is Here to Stay

11/ These Little Activists Are Doing More for the Environment Than Most Adults Are

12/ A Royal Engagement

13/ Do Women Make Better Leaders? Barack Obama Seems to Think So

14/ Lena Waithe Became the First African American Woman *Ever* to Win an Emmy for Comedy Writing!

15/ He’s Calling Out Men in the Best Way Possible

He’s calling out men in the best way possible 🙌 @chimeforchange #womenandgirls #justinbaldoni #tedtalks

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16/ George and Amal Clooney Are Sending 3,000 Syrian Refugee Children to School

17/ Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga,  and Demi Lovato Shined on World Mental Health Day


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17 Moments That Made Us Say Yesss in 2017

By David Brand