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15 year old Patrick speaks for the very first time

At Global Citizen we are fortunate to come across some truly inspirational and remarkable people. Take Raymond Okkelo from Northern Uganda, for example.
Raymond became deaf after a bout of malaria when he was a child. In Northern Uganda, like many other regions in the developing world, the majority of people have never been taught sign language. They live their lives unable to communicate, trapped in their own minds.
However six months ago Raymond travelled to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and undertook an intensive course in sign language. Now, he has returned to his village to teach the first ever sign language class. In this video he meets Patrick, who was born deaf and has never had a conversation, and helps him find his voice for the first time.
By extending education to people like Patrick, a community can fully harness its own potential, and become inclusive. Aid funding from countries like the UK and the US has a strong focus on education, and I definitely am a believer in its ability to transform lives.
The full Unreported World documentary is available to watch on YouTube. Check it out!
Mikey Smyth
Video credit: Channel 4