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1.4 Million People Just Called on the UK Government to Get All Children Into School

10 Downing Street just got a visit from Global Citizen, the ONE Campaign, and the Send My Friend to School Campaign — to deliver the voices of 1.4 million people who want the UK and others to step up to help ensure every child has the chance to receive an education. 

What’s more, 55 MPs and members of the House of Lords from all parties signed a letter calling on the Secretary of State for International Development to commit to helping millions of children access education, by pledging £380 million in UK aid to the Global Partnership for Education.

Right now it’s estimated that 264 million girls and boys around the world are missing out on school.

That’s hundreds of millions of children who will struggle to reach their full potential in life, trapped in poverty and poor health. But this can change. 

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On the Feb. 2, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Fund will hold a replenishment conference — which means countries from around the world can come together and commit money to help all children get a quality education.

GPE is the only multilateral fund — meaning multiple countries contribute — dedicated exclusively to improving education in the world’s poorest countries. Since it was formed in 2002, it’s worked with more than 60 developing countries to improve their plans for the education sector. 

So far, GPE has already helped 64 million children go to school. But it’s not enough. If GPE is going to reach the 264 million children still missing out, then it needs countries like the UK to step up and ensure that the replenishment conference is a success. 

Global Citizen, alongside our partners, is calling for the UK to go to the replenishment conference and contribute £380m from the current UK aid budget. 

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That money alone would help 1.6 million more children complete primary school every year year, including 783,000 girls and almost 900,000 children in countries affected by fragility or conflict. 

It would help train over 140,000 teachers and would distribute 17 million textbooks. 

The UK stepping up would transform the lives of millions of children around the world.

We want to thank all the Global Citizens who helped make this hand-over a success. Because of you, the UK government has received a strong message urging them to deliver for the millions of children out of school. 

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Even MPs listened to you. The letter that went to the Secretary of State had MPs sign up from all political parties. Because hundreds of you emailed your MP asking them to sign onto this letter, Global Citizens like you persuaded an extra 12 MPs to sign up, making this a very powerful statement.

Getting children into school in developing countries is tough but it is something that we need to accomplish together. When Global Citizens raise your voices in unison, governments around the world listen.

Global Citizen campaigns to achieve the UN’s Global Goals, including for a quality education for every child, everywhere. You can join us by taking action here