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10 Excuses To Host A Nutritious Olympics Party

World Vision

This article was contributed by Jillian Zieske, in support of World Vision.

I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m a fair weather sports fan. I will jump on any opportunity to go to a game, match, tournament, etc., but ask me who “my team” is and I will go blank in the face.

So the Summer Olympics are kinda my jam. Every four years is a good cadence for my enthusiasm levels. There’s a new team that everyone has to get to know together, and you can watch it from the comfort of your couch. A fair weather fans dream!

But this year- I’m stepping up my Olympics viewing game by hosting a #Nutrition4Gold Olympics Party, and you should too! I’m rallying friends to watch the olympics in style AND help build a hungerfree world with a resource kit packed with global recipes and tangible actions that me and my friends can take to end hunger with World Vision and Global Citizen.

party6.JPGImage: World Vision

Not convinced yet? Well here are 10 reasons you should be hosting a #Nutrition4Gold Olympics Party, too:

  1. Traveling Through Food. Can’t make it to Rio? Yeah, same for you, me, and everyone else. Have no fear, your kitchen can take you to the global epicenter that is the olympics, with recipes will inspire and impress. Give the kit recipes a whirl!

  2. Who Doesn’t Love Face Paint? Or maybe you’re all about the colored beads or crazy hats? Whatever your style, this is your time to shine by going all out with your friends.

  3. An Excuse to Yell at the Screen. We all know people who are realllllly into sports. Yelling, screaming, just getting really passionate. I am not one of those people, but for a few weeks of the year I get to join the masses of passionate sports fanatics and it’s pretty exhilarating.

  4. Join a Community Making a HungerFree World Possible. Global Citizens all over the world are hosting, cheering, and attending #Nutrition4Gold Olympics Parties. To make the biggest impact, we need more like minded people to host a party and take action to tell world leaders we want nutrition to be a policy priority.

  5. Bring on the Game Food! You don’t have to even like watching the olympics to want to host a party. Those global recipes we mentioned, from Global Table Adventure, are drool worthy and your stomach will want to give them the gold medal.

  6. Friends, Friends, Friends! This one should be pretty obvious. But we live in a busy world where we tend to stay connected through social media instead of over meals. This is your chance to change that! Bring all your people to same place for a night.

  7. Partying That Matters. Nutrition needs to be a priority for our world leaders. WIth the tangible actions the #Nutrition4Gold Olympics Party guide provides, you’ll be able to make an impactwhile hanging with your friends and watching the games. Take action with your party!

  8. A Reason to Invite That Crush. How great will you look when they see that you host great parties, can get pumped about the olympics, and you are passionate about ending malnutrition? You’ll be irresistible. So go ahead, invite that cute neighbor.

  9. Take a Break From Pokemon Go. This is way better. But seriously, will you give it a break already?

  10. Show Your Friends What You Care About. And invite them to join you! Together we can create a hungerfree world, and it really does start with you.

Through #Nutrition4Gold, we are calling on world leaders to increase financial investments in nutrition, scale up interventions that are proven to work and target the most vulnerable to ensure the right start and a #hungerfree future for all children!