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10 mamas you can identify with


It doesn't matter where we are pregnant - Uganda or the U.S., Nepal or Bolivia - we all know the same thing: we would do anything for our child. We are all joined in the bond of motherhood; all able to understand what we previously had only heard about. But we're more similar than that, despite the lands and oceans that lie between us. Of the 109 pregnant mamas on Kangu right now, here are 10 that love doing things that my friends and I enjoy - and you might too! - just as much as them:

1. Watching football (soccer)

rose1.jpgImage: Kangu

Rose in Kenya

2. Gardening

lydia2.jpgImage: Kangu

Lydia in Uganda

3. Teaching children

maria3.jpgImage: Kangu

María Isabel in Bolivia

4. Running her business

pabitra4.jpgImage: Kangu

Pabitra in Nepal

5. Singing in the choir

melda5.jpgImage: Kangu

Melda in Kenya

6. Sewing clothes for her baby

sarmila6.jpgImage: Kangu

Sarmila in Nepal

7. Talking with her healthcare provider

caroline7.jpgImage: Kangu

Caroline in Uganda

8. Eating nutrient-rich foods

mamata8.jpgImage: Kangu

Mamata in Nepal

9. Singing with her husband

anna9.jpgImage: Kangu

Anna in Uganda

10. Smiling (all the time)

rose10.jpgImage: Kangu

Rose in Kenya

But what I didn't mention is that each of these women is living in poverty, and without Kangu and the Kangu community they would not have access to high-quality, respectful care before, during and after their delivery. Each day 800 women and 8,000 newborns die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, but 90% of these deaths can be easily prevented with a skilled attendant and clean facilities. Read their stories and learn how you can help them access the care they deserve to survive and thrive here.

This article was written by Casey Santiago, Founder and CEO of This post originally appeared on Mogul here.