Give While You Live

Launched in Davos at the 2020 World Economic Forum, the Give While You Live campaign calls on the world’s 2,000+ billionaires to donate 5% of their wealth every year to an important cause or issue area such as COVID-19 response and relief, particularly among marginalized communities including people of color, those living in extreme poverty, and others facing discrimination.

As part of the Give While You Live campaign, Global Citizen is asking philanthropists to go further, faster and highlighting those who step up as investors, changemakers and leaders to actualize their giving now, not later and pay, not just pledge. The initiative is also working to accelerate private foundation giving, beyond the five percent mandate, with partners like the Wallace Global Fund who recently announced it would join the Give While You Live campaign and spend down 20 percent of its endowment this year.

To learn more about the Give While You Live campaign and the Global Citizen 5% Pledge, email