Cry Power with Annie Lennox

Cry Power Episode 1: Annie Lennox

Feminism Is a Global Issue

The Cry Power podcast is hosted by Hozier in partnership with Global Citizen, talking to inspirational artists and activists about how to change the world. In its inaugural episode, Hozier talks with Annie Lennox about why feminism must be inclusive of men; how her personal story of activism is rooted in her family; and how music can make change happen. But it's not all talk — you can join the Global Citizen movement and take action below to end gender inequality all over the world. Subscribe on AppleSpotify, or Acast now.

Take Action

"A small action can contribute to a larger body of change," Annie Lennox told Hozier on Cry Power. "That’s the tipping point towards transformation."

She's right. Can you imagine risking your life to have a child? For millions of women there is no other option. 800 women a day die from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Take action with Global Citizen now to be a part of the change to provide all women with safe contraception and maternal health.

Sign the petition asking world leaders to empower women everywhere.

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