150 Days for $150M to End Polio

In support of RESULTS Canada and UNICEF Canada

For Canada’s 150th Birthday, Global Citizens are asking for $150M to end polio.

This is a big year: 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday. All year long there will be celebrations taking place across the country including free access to our National Parks and other fun festivities. Check out the Canada 150 site for all the details.

The best birthday celebrations include presents. And turning 150 deserves something extra special. For intance, a legacy gift, like ending the second disease in human history!

So we are asking Canadian Global Citizens to petition in support of the end of polio.

To make this happen, we need every Canadian Global Citizen to sign the official E-Petition to the Government of Canada requesting a pledge of $150 million towards the fight to end polio once and for all.

ONLY Canadians are eligible to sign this petition, so if you are not Canadian we NEED you to show support, send a tweet to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau.

Canada has always been a leader in the global fight to eradicate polio and what better gift to the world than our share of the resources to end the disease once and for all. Ending polio is within reach and Canada’s pledge would not only provide vital resources to the fight, it would also encourage other countries to make bold pledges.

The global effort to wipe out this devastating disease has made tremendous strides. These efforts have led to polio being nearly eradicated globally. In 2016, fewer children than any year in history, were paralysed by polio, in the last remaining pockets of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

However, while polio exists anywhere in our globalized world, it is a threat to children everywhere and efforts must continue to immunize more than 400 million children in over 60 at-risk countries.

Take action now, sign the petition and send a tweet to call on the Canadian Government to pledge $150M towards Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) and let’s end polio once and for all.



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