About Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Global Citizen. Before joining Global Citizen, Stephen was a Political Campaign Director and is the former National Secretary of the National Union of Students UK. Stephen contributes to a number of news outlets, including Huffington Post, The Independent and The Big Issue. Stephen also appears regularly on London Live, a British news and entertainment TV channel, as a social and political commentator.

Why Stephen Brown is a Global Citizen

I believe passionately that it's people, organising and campaigning, that really change the world. The progress the world has made in the last century is testament to that - not just on poverty, but on civil rights, women's equality, LGBT rights, disability and race. And although there is so much more to do, this progress is because people came together, spoke together and acted together. They took action as global citizen's to create a better world, and I'm proud to be part of that movement.