About Salam Darwaza

The daughter of Palestinians working in Saudi Arabia, Salam grew up alongside the children of American oil drillers, with one foot in the Arab world and one in the West. Her unique life experience has made her a human bridge, able to connect two sides of what may be the world’s widest cultural gap. Salam’s passion for film and storytelling and her ability to connect two disparate worlds gave rise to 1001 MEDIA, a production company she co-founded to use the power of film to initiate dialogue.


  1. Article: Crisis, daughters and education: Ghoussoon’s story

    Crisis, daughters and education: Ghoussoon’s story

    By Salam Darwaza|CHIME FOR CHANGE|May 17, 2016

    How one single mother is fighting for her children's education as a refugee in Jordan Read more