About Noah Hapke

Noah is a writer and photographer for Global Citizen. After graduating from Huntington Beach High School he decided to take a “bridge year” with Global Citizen Year. Born and raised in Orange County, California, he is now co-teaching English to middle and high school students in the rural province of Azuay, Ecuador. He firmly believes that everything people know derives from their education, and that has the power to re-create a world with human equity and no poverty.

Why Noah Hapke is a Global Citizen

I am a global citizen because I believe in the equity of all people, regardless of their social, geographical, and economical backgrounds; race and ethnicity; sex, sexuality and gender identity; and all the other factors that make us people.


  1. Article: Planting trees and remembering dreams in Sayausi

    Planting trees and remembering dreams in Sayausi

    By Noah Hapke|Dec. 9, 2015|Global Citizen Year

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