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Leticia Pfeffer is the Senior Manager of Global Policy and Government Affairs. She leads Global Citizen's girls & women's policy campaigning, including on women's economic empowerment, gender discrimination in the law and women's sexual & reproductive health. Her background in development and international policy has fueled her passion for gender equality. Originally from sunny Miami with Mexican roots, you'll often find her eating spicy food and talking in "Spanglish".
Why Leticia Pfeffer is a Global Citizen
The problems confronting humankind in the 21st century are incredibly profound and complex. These problems -- poverty, inequality, corruption, discrimination -- begin with, and end by collectively overcoming cynicism, apathy and complacency. I am a staunch believer in global citizenship. We all inhabit the same planet, drink the same water and are more interconnected than ever. Without a doubt, we must each do our part (no matter how big or small!).
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