About Amy Agnew

Amy is Deputy Director of Global Citizen's Europe office. She has worked for Amnesty International and Save the Children UK, and was lucky enough to live and work in Africa. She has a History degree from Edinburgh University and an International Studies Masters from SOAS. She lives in London, spends quite a lot of time in the rain in Scotland, cycles everywhere and is very brave about swimming in freezing cold water.

Why Amy Agnew is a Global Citizen

I’m a global citizen because I think that we all have a responsibility to take advantage of this precious time on earth to try and make it a bit better for everyone. People before us have worked hard so that people like me can enjoy the rights and privileges that we do, and I would like to continue that work. I think this planet is pretty awesome and worth protecting, and that it’s perfectly possible for everyone in the world to have happy lives with everything they need. So let’s do it!


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