Zambia currently has the largest population of young people in its history. Around 50% of the population are of school age, and when it comes to the health of Zambia’s children the government must step up to do more.

Without access to good, nutritious food a child’s body, brain, and immune system will not develop as they should—this is known as stunting. In Zambia around 40% of all children are stunted. But just USD $40 per child per year could cut malnutrition in half. This vital investment would help ensure Zambian children have the chance to achieve success in school, employment, and health.

Alongside this financial commitment, Zambia must also focus on two policies that will help invest in the well-being and future of children. First, agriculture must be put at the center of Zambia’s plan for nutrition and economic development. The government can reduce high youth unemployment, and harness the untapped potential of youth through farm technology, planting innovation, and new financial services, all the while inspiring more diverse and more nutritious foods for all Zambians to enjoy.

Second, a nutritious school meal has the power to improve health and nutrition, and leads to better attendance, lower dropout rates, and concentration for students. Locally-sourced school food programs also create a sustainable economy that can lift communities out of poverty.

Call on Zambia’s government to invest $40 per child a year to end stunting and secure the well-being and future of children.