World Leaders: Prevent a Food Crisis Catastrophe

The world is in the grip of a catastrophic hunger crisis. Sign the petition for leaders to act.

What to know:

  • 50 million are on the brink of extreme hunger as the climate crisis and conflict threaten global food supplies.
  • Governments need to act now to build resilient food systems and provide emergency support to prevent a crisis.
  • Help families facing unprecedented hunger. Sign the open letter for urgent global action to save lives.

Learn More about this cause:

The world is in the grip of a catastrophic hunger crisis, putting an estimated 193 million people in urgent need of food assistance.

The combined impact of climate change, the pandemic and conflict has disrupted every part of our food supply chains. 

Prices for basic household food items were already inflated before the invasion of Ukraine, with millions of people on the brink of starvation. But the war has pushed food prices to a record high forcing families to make impossible choices and putting lives at risk globally. 

The world can’t continue stumbling from one crisis to the next. We need urgent action now for the millions of people who need humanitarian aid and to build resilient and sustainable food systems. 

Our voices need to be louder now more than ever. Sign the open letter and we’ll hand your signatures over to world leaders this September.