World Leaders: Finance the Future

Tell rich nations to support the African Development Bank to fight global challenges.

What to know:

  • Millions across Africa are being pushed into extreme poverty due to global challenges such as climate change.
  • Wealthy nations have agreed to divert funds to countries on the frontlines of these crises.
  • Urge them to channel support through the African Development Bank to make sure their funding is effective.

Learn More about this cause:

Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are financial assets used in times of crisis to help countries, distributed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

But whilst lower-income countries needed urgent support, billions of these funds went to already wealthy higher-income countries. 

The system has been criticized as deeply unfair and the UN has called for at least 25% of the funds received by wealthy nations to go to countries in severe need.

Now, some countries are stepping up – but just as important as reallocating the funds it making sure their used in the most effective way.

Rich nations must ensure these extra billions go to those most in need by channeling funds through the African Development Bank which has a strong track record on delivering and supporting programmes that tackle systemic challenges and directly fight extreme poverty.

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