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Call on World Leaders to Help Millions of People Affected by Extreme Weather


Millions of people have had their homes and livelihoods literally ripped away from them by extreme weather events over the last few months. Most recently Hurricanes Maria and Irma have caused death and destruction across the Caribbean.

The UN has launched an appeal for the region for $27 million to help the 265,000 people affected, in addition to an action plan for Cuba with a cost of $56 million. This number is likely to rise as the true cost of the devastation becomes clear.

Meanwhile, some 40 million people across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh have been affected by severe monsoon flooding, leaving more than 1,200 people dead since the rains started.

We’re calling on governments around the world including Sweden, France, Italy, and others to do the right thing, step up, and provide the life-saving funds needed for food, shelter, and medical care for millions of people facing these crises.