Why Is Vaccine Sharing Important?

Learn why hoarding vaccines has devastating global consequences— take the quiz.

What to know:

  • COVID-19 is costing lives, upending the global economy, and impacting millions across the world.
  • Scientists have done an amazing job to create safe, effective vaccines able to protect against the virus.
  • Find out why we need countries to work together so everyone, everywhere can access vaccines.

Learn More about this cause:

Across the world the number of people losing their lives to COVID-19 continues to rise, with many countries enduring cycles of lockdown, and knock-on effects of the pandemic increasing poverty on a global scale. COVID-19 doesn’t respect national boundaries. As long as it exists anywhere it is a threat everywhere. 

COVID-19 vaccines are crucial to putting a stop to this. In a victory for all of humanity, scientists across the globe have worked round the clock to deliver safe, effective, virus-defeating vaccines in record time.

If we can get these vaccines out to the global population – starting with frontline health workers and the most at-risk priority populations – then we can put the world on a fast track to recovery – saving millions of lives.

But there’s a problem. Rich countries have bought up huge amounts of vaccines – more than their populations’ needs multiple times over – reducing access for the rest of the world. This hurts everyone. 

If rich nations hoard vaccines and don’t cooperate to support global fair access, especially for lower-income countries, it will prolong the pandemic, cost nearly twice as many lives, and put us all at greater risk of new virus mutations that are resistant to vaccines. 

Want to know more about why vaccine nationalism is so dangerous and what we can do to stop it? Take the quiz.