Why Does the World Need a Strong Global Plastics Treaty?

Leave a powerful message to protect future generations against plastic.

What to know:

  • Evidence is growing on the devastating effects of plastics to our health, but the amount we produce is increasing daily.
  • A groundbreaking Global Plastics Treaty could reduce plastic production for good, protecting our bodies and the environment.
  • Help make history: tell governments why you want them to adopt the strongest Global Plastics Treaty possible.

Learn More about this cause:

We are poisoning ourselves and the planet with plastic. 

All day, everyday, our bodies are consuming plastic. It's in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and it's destroying our health.

From toxic chemicals leaching into our food and microplastics saturating our water systems and soil, to plastic production sites and wast dumps polluting our air – every stage of plastic production and use is causing untold harm. Scientific studies have linked plastics to serious health issues including obesity, infertility, heart diseases, and cancer. 

Plastic is created using fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal – the leading drivers of the climate emergency – and once it is made it never goes away. 

But guess what? We are producing more plastic than ever before with no signs of slowing down.

That's why leaders across the world are negotiating a groundbreaking new Global Plastics Treaty. This Global Plastics Treaty could bind countries to reduce plastic production and remove harmful chemicals from plastics for good – the only way to stop millions more tons of hazardous plastic contaminating our environment and our bodies. 

This is a once in a life-time oportunity to protect ourselves, the planet, and future generations. For the Global Plastics Treaty to be effective, we're campaigning for it to be as strong as possible – no watering down, no loopholes.

You can help make it happen. Send in your personal message on why you want the world to have a strong Global Plastics Treaty and we'll deliver it alongside thousands of others directly to Global Plastics Treaty negotiators.