What Do You Know About Global Citizen's Impact on Health?

Take the quiz to see what you know about Global Citizen’s impact on global health.

What to know:

  • Global Citizens have taken millions of actions in support of global health.
  • Everyone needs access to health care in order to end extreme poverty.
  • Your actions are making an incredible impact. Keep up the good work!

Learn More about this cause:

Did you know that your actions in support of Global Citizen’s health campaigns are truly changing the world? 

Over the past decade, Global Citizens like you have collectively taken millions of actions calling on world leaders and international corporations to step up and do their part to ensure every person has access to good health care and a full life, particularly those people living in extreme poverty for whom good health is far from assured.

From countries committing to fund the replenishments of organizations like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to corporations stepping up to do their part to stop the next pandemic, your actions have helped ensure that the world moves closer toward achieving the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030.

Healthy people are able to live fuller, happier lives. They are able to pull themselves out of extreme poverty. 

For pregnant mothers, newborns, and children, a healthy life requires vaccines and access to health care. 

Everyone needs access to health care in order to end extreme poverty.

Thanks for doing your part! Take the quiz and see what you and Global Citizens around the world have accomplished so far.