What Do You Know About Your Impact on the Planet?

Find out how your everyday actions can help build a more sustainable future.

What to know:

  • Our impact on the planet primarily comes from what we eat, what we buy, how we power our homes, and how we travel.
  • Individual lifestyle changes can have a big impact on building a more sustainable world.
  • Take the quiz to find out how everyday choices you make affect the planet.

Learn More about this cause:

The science is indisputable: Human activities on Earth have been found to be the fundamental cause of climate change. Over the last century, the burning of fossil fuels has significantly increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere — and this increase has led to a greater retention of heat, leading to the warming of the Earth’s surface.

Tackling climate change requires everyone to take action: individuals, governments, and businesses. Our individual emissions primarily come from what we eat, what we buy, how we power our homes, and how we travel. 

It may feel small, but little changes to our habits have the power to make a significant difference in reducing the greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere — anything from reducing your intake of meat to driving less. And when you take action, you might also inspire friends and family to follow you. By taking responsibility for our individual actions and calling on governments and corporations to do the same, we can make powerful changes to preserve the planet today for the generations of tomorrow.

Take the quiz and find out how your actions impact the planet!