Vaccines Work! What Else Do You Know About Immunizations?

Vaccines Work! What Else Do You Know About Immunizations?

What to know:

  • Vaccines work! What else do you know about immunizations?
  • Good health starts with good knowledge. See what you know about vaccines.
  • Vaccinations are critical to stopping preventable diseases and ending extreme poverty.

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Where a child lives shouldn’t decide whether he or she lives.

This is a basic principle at the very heart of Global Citizen’s campaigns to ensure a world where all children can receive immunizations against preventable diseases.

Vaccines work! And around the world vaccines have been responsible for saving millions of lives. That’s millions of children who can grow up to get an education and contribute to their community in low-income countries, ultimately helping to lift people out of extreme poverty. But in order to fight for equal access to vaccines, it’s vital we know the facts.

Take the quiz! See if you’re a health expert or need a booster when it comes to your knowledge on vaccines.