Do You Know Why Vaccines Matter?

Vaccines save millions of lives each year – how much do you know about them?

What to know:

  • Vaccines work! What else do you know about immunization?
  • Good health starts with good knowledge. See what you know about vaccines.
  • Vaccinations are critical to stopping preventable diseases and ending extreme poverty.

Learn More about this cause:

Where you live shouldn’t decide whether you live. But right now the world faces huge inequality in vaccine access. 

A child born in a country with good vaccine access will be protected against measles, yellow fever, polio, tetanus and much more. But a child born without access to vaccines could die or be permanetly disabled by these same diseases, despite vaccine shots costing so little. 

Vaccines are the unsung superhero that saves lives. Because of vaccines we erradicated smallpox and have 99% eradicated polio, every year these tiny shots save millions of children’s lives. 

We need to protect children everywhere. Start by testing your knowledge on why vaccines matter then join the campaign fo governments to get life-saving vaccines to all.