Wealthy Nations: Free the Funds

Billions of dollars are being locked away by rich countries that could be used to tackle global issues.

What to know:

  • Wealthy nations received billions of dollars in extra COVID-19 help while low-income countries suffered.
  • We need leaders to reallocate this funding to help fight climate change and tackle poverty.
  • The clock is ticking. Tweet leaders to share at least 30% of their funds with countries in critical need NOW.

Learn More about this cause:

During the pandemic, wealthy countries received billions of dollars in support inaccessible to poorer nations.

Our global system allowed the International Monetary Fund to dispense more financial support to rich countries than to needy lower-income ones. It has been slammed around the world as unfair. 

Everyone agrees the money needs to be shared. The UN has called for those extra funds to go to lower-income countries in severe need. But over two years later, many countries are still keeping their extra cash locked away. 

Now, we’re upping the pressure. Millions of people are being pushed into extreme poverty with climate crises and conflict on the rise. There’s no excuse for inaction. 

Urge the leaders of Australia, Canada, the UK, Korea, and all G20 nations to up their support. Tweet now.