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Water & Sanitation

Fight the Toilet Crisis! Ask businesses to create a safe and hygienic workplace for their employees


To achieve water and sanitation for all by 2030, businesses need to play their part. All workplaces should have access to safe water, proper toilets, and the facilities and products to practice good hygiene (like soap and water) no matter where they are.

Access to water and sanitation is not only a human right, but an important part of a healthy and active workforce. By securing and maintaining the access to water and sanitation in the workplace and surrounding communities, businesses can prevent the spread of diseases. Having healthier employees decreases absenteeism, increases worker productivity and yields higher economic returns for businesses.

We need Global Citizens to call on businesses and governments to play a leading role in achieving sanitation and water for all, starting with businesses ’own workplaces and communities where workers live.

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Crises and Emergencies

Crises and emergencies around the world take on different forms. From ongoing humanitarian crises that force millions from their homes and children out of school, to disease outbreaks that ravage developing communities – people around the world face unimaginable challenges every day.

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