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Share How Technology is Solving Food Waste and Hunger

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Ahmad and the Copia team believe that hunger is not a problem of food scarcity, but rather a logistics problem. In light of this, they call hunger the “world’s dumbest problem” and are leveraging technology to address it.

So far the company has recovered 1 million pounds of food.

“We have the technology to solve some of the world’s hairiest, intractable, previously unsolvable problems — problems like food waste and hunger. The same technology we use to order a burrito from our couch or swipe right on a dating app to find a significant other can be used to ensure life-saving resources are matched with people who need them,” Ahmad said.

Copia’s inspiring work and Ahmad’s vision has not only resulted in the delivery of 900,000 meals, but has also earned the CEO a place on Verizon’s list of Pioneers of Humanability. The list honors people, organizations, and companies that are using technological innovations to “do more new and good things for the world.

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