Food & Hunger

    Is the U.S government helping to fight famine?

    World Vision

    Some 20 million people in four countries - South Sudan, Yemen, northeast Nigeria and Somalia - are facing starvation and extreme levels of hunger. The lives of these people are at risk. Many have been forced from their homes and their livelihoods, and they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 

    U.S. Congress funding is helping to save lives, but more is needed. Ask the White House to fully fund food aid. 

    The situations in these four countries are man-made. Conflict and drought are to blame. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to violence, hunger and disease.

    G20 leaders, including the U.S, must act now. They must donate the life-saving funds UN agencies such as the World Food Programme need to respond to these crises. WFP says it needs $1 billion to provide life-saving assistance. The UN needs $4.9 billion overall.

    Call on the U.S government to fully fund food aid and help to fight famine.