G20 President: Protect Our Global Freedoms

Sign the petition for the Indonesian President to be a champion of civil society.

What to know:

  • Access to our rights and participation in public life is essential to healthy societies and ending poverty.
  • Right now, those rights are at risk around the world but the G20 President can make a difference.
  • Sign the open letter for the G20 President to lead the world on a new working group to protect civic space for all.

Learn More about this cause:

The G20 comprises the largest economies on the planet. However, unlike the G7 it still lags behind acknowledging that civic space protection and promotion is essential to make societies and economies stronger and more resilient.

Establishing a permanent and full civic space working group in the G20 (governments) and C20 (civil society) is needed to provide a necessary push on a global level. Such a working group would be the minimum baseline of what the C20 are able to do. However, forming a working group on a global platform consisting of the world’s major economic players focusing on economic development like the G20 can only do so much if there is limited commitment to protect and expand civic space from state members.

By acknowledging their civic space gaps and by providing a government counterpart for civic space groups starting with the Indian presidency of 2023, G20 members can incorporate minimum global standards and encourage other countries in terms of global and national commitment to protect and expand civic space; considering shrinking of civic space will negatively impact economic growth and hinder the quality of life of their people.

Following the release of the civic space policy brief by civil society, join us in calling the next G20 President for 2023, India, to take this step in the right direction!