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    Let Congress Know — Silence Is Not OK. Support Refugees!



    Facing widespread backlash on the original executive order’s rough rollout and following strong judicial decisions by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, President Trump was forced to rescind his previous executive order and replace it with a watered-down version. Alongside a strong and independent judicial system, the actions of thousands of Global Citizens helped pave the way to the Trump Administration’s response.

    We still feel the new “refugee ban” continues to wrongly blames innocent refugees, some of the most vulnerable in our community. As Global Citizens, we cannot turn our backs to the world’s most vulnerable. We must stand together in solidarity with those fleeing persecution, violence, and war. Please continue taking action to urge President Trump to rescind this executive order, once and for all. 

    This past week, President Trump signed an executive order that would limit immigration from seven predominantly muslim countries, citing the need for greater border security. The order includes language that implicitly denies muslim refugees from these seven countries from entering the U.S.

    Thousands of Global Citizens around the world have already rallied support against the refugee ban, but in order to move forward, we must get members of Congress to do the same.

    Some influential Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee – who are responsible for representing global issues – have kept silent on President Trump’s executive order to ban refugees.

    It’s time we break the silence by letting them know that we support refugees.

    The United States is a melting pot, home to refugees of a variety of cultures and creeds. Our nation’s foundation is built on individuals who went searching for a better life, and found it in the United States of America. The diversity of the U.S. gives it strength, and provides a rich environment for rigorous political debate and a strong democracy.

    Call on these Silent Senators and urge them to support refugees regardless of religion.

    As Global Citizens, we need to send a strong and clear message to our elected leaders to act now.

    Silence is NOT okay.

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