World Leaders: Protect Everyone From Coronavirus

The legacy of COVID-19 and our response to it must not be one of inequality.

What to know:

  • COVID-19 has hit the most vulnerable amongst us hardest — we must stand with everyone in our response.
  • Tests, treatments and vaccines must be available to everyone and protections put in place for the long term.
  • Call on world leaders to unite for our global future so that no one gets left behind in our response to COVID-19.

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COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on all our lives, but there’s no doubt about its unequal and devastating effect on the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us. We can’t let our response be driven by inequality too.

Cases have surpassed over 5 million worldwide, and countless have lost  loved ones in its wake. For those on the frontline of this disease — working as medical staff, cleaners and public transportation drivers — or living in poverty without adequate access to healthcare or protection, COVID-19 has been especially devastating.

But it’s not just the risk of catching the virus that is threatening many. From families going hungry and kids missing out on school to the big increase in domestic violence, for the most vulnerable COVID-19 has made life worse across the board. And these impacts could be felt for many years to come — new estimates show 60 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty due to the crisis.

We cannot let this happen. Despite COVID-19’s destructive path, it also brings the opportunity to build back better. We must make sure its legacy is one of unity, not huge inequality.

That’s why we’re calling on world leaders across the globe to unite for our future. Tests, treatments and vaccines against COVID-19 must be urgently developed and made available for everyone, everywhere. And protections must be put in place to make sure this crisis doesn’t increase poverty and inequality for the most vulnerable.

Coronavirus has already devastated millions of lives – we can’t allow it to devastate millions of futures too. Tell world leaders to build back better and unite for everyone’s future. Sign the petition calling for the world’s most vulnerable to be protected in the recovery against COVID-19.